We’ve included a free Jacks or Better game on this page so you can practice your strategy for free. So if you were looking for free Jacks or Better video poker, you’ve found it. This is a flash game, so you don’t have to download the game in order to play, but you do need Macromedia flash on your computer. (Some people might have trouble playing this game if they’re using Firefox, but I had no problem playing in Explorer.)

Please note that this free Jacks or Better game is a Microgaming 9/6 Jacks or Better game. There are dozens of Microgaming casinos at which you can play this game, but if you’re from the USA, they only accept players from 39 states. But if you just want to play “free Jacks or Better video poker games”, that doesn’t matter anyway, so have fun with it.

Observations About Free Jacks or Better

Online Jacks or Better has made learning how to play with perfect strategy a lot easier for the novice video poker player. Some gamblers don’t like to play any kind of gambling game unless there is real money on the line, and we understand that viewpoint, but some people do like to play just for fun, and we respect that too. We also think that learning to play close to perfectly is something that can be achieved on a free Jacks or Better game, and we don’t see any reason why someone shouldn’t set that as a goal before playing for real money online or in a traditional landbased casino.

Also, there are other free video poker games on the Internet if you don’t like this one, but we think this free Jacks or Better game is pretty awesome. The colors are vibrant, the sound effects are realistic, and the game plays fast. Figuring out how to play this free Jacks or Better game is fast, intuitive, and easy too.

We hope you enjoy the free Jacks or Better game on this site, and that you eventually move toward playing for real money somewhere, because nothing beats winning a bunch of cash on a royal flush. (Almost nothing, anyway.)